What is the Tarot?

Choose from a menu of services and gain the clarity, confidence, and creativity you need to navigate a particular issue or situation and your life with greater ease, joy, and flow.

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I liken the Tarot to a "genie" whose "revealing and healing images" can help you discover and awaken your own magical potential.

Like Shakespeare’s plays, the Tarot's 78 cards illustrate every season and dimension of the human experience – birth, death, joy, love, pain, injury, stalemate, grief, betrayal, family, poverty, wealth, spirituality – the entire gamut.  When used intuitively, the Tarot helps you to navigate through life experiences more smoothly and powerfully.

We can use the Tarot to trigger our innate creativity, as a personal guidance system (an inner GPS), and as a path to spiritual enlightenment.  The images in the Tarot cards can help us to identify and release blocks or limiting beliefs from our subconscious so we can move forward in a challenging situation and our life.

I use the Tarot to help clients like you to gain a fresh perspective on a question or issue (especially related to business, career, life purpose, prosperity, personal development, and spirituality) in which you feel blocked, frustrated, or uncertain, and help you move forward with an inspired action plan.