Feedback from Clients


Laura is a gifted intuitive with a high level of professionalism. She delivers insights in a genuine, warm, and very caring manner that reflects not only her passion for healing and guidance, but also her deep compassion for others. I was beyond impressed by the profound ideas and energies she relayed, which were quite significant to my current concern. Her messages were spot on and filled with substance.

Laura is, without a doubt, a loving and profound conduit for Spirit. Listening to her intuitive guidance re-energized me and helped me focus on important steps on my path. It's as if my Angels were speaking through her. I highly recommend her services!

Lucy V. Cantu,  Texas


Laura is a gifted intuitive healer who has done two readings for me.  What surprised was, not what she revealed to me, but what she allowed me to discover about myself.  Laura helped me to uncover some hidden truths that were keeping me from moving forward with my life.


After my first reading I felt my creative juices beginning to flow and I look forward to working with Laura again soon.  Each time I work with Laura, I feel inspired!

Teresa Marie P.D., Virginia

Laura provided a reading for me that was precise concerning my career choices. The service was convenient and very helpful.  I wholeheartedly recommend her.

T. Adams, Maryland

Laura is a wonderful intuitive reader.  It was my first time ever having a reading.  Laura was very patient and was an active listener.  We honed in on a question and the reading began.  I found Laura to be extremely receptive to the messages she received from her guides.  It was a beautiful reading that gave me hope and inspired me to move forward. I encourage everyone who needs guidance on their next steps to seek out Laura.  She is absolutely amazing!

Angelica Marie, Texas, Personal Development Coach for Latina Entrepreneurs & Spiritual Mentor

Laura gives very insightful and deliberate readings. She takes her time to go through everything in detail. She was really spot on. You won't be disappointed.

Kat Doyle, Maryland

Laura's tarot card reading was stunningly accurate. As her tarot reading suggested, I met my significant other shortly thereafter, and we have been in a great loving relationship since. Laura is truly gifted.

Chelsea Lane, Maryland  

Thank you, Laura, for your thoughtful reading. I appreciate how you look into what you see and make an interpretation. It was uplifting and inspiring.

Jessica, USA

Dear Laura,
"Thank you so much for your tarot reading. You hit the nail on the head. The timing was perfect, too. Everything you wrote really resonated with me. 
I've had a few tarot readings before and some of them were really quite awful. Yours was just serendipitous. So please accept my sincere and heartfelt compliments." 

Dipa, Japan

"Thank you very much Laura.
Completely understand the information you gave.
And am clear the cards are giving advice that l can put into action or change.  I have taken on board the advice of the 3 cards that you have explained beautifully."     

Mara, Australia

Thank you for a very comprehensive, but easy-to-understand reading.  Your reading has reassured me but has also reminded me that I need to reevaluate how I see myself and how others see me.

Natalie, Australia

"Laura's reading was reflective and intuitive. The accuracy she presented with her reading meant that there was strong resonance with me. Her insight into the complexity of my question, as well as her ability to explain the cards and their meaning has allowed me to step forward with confidence."

Tracy, New Zealand

"Thank you so much for this reading! I think you gave me some sensible advice. I think that when I asked this question I knew deep down that I was being a bit flighty and irrational and your insight confirms this. You were very prompt and professional, and your interpretations of the cards were detailed and easy to understand. Thank you again!"

Beth, Canada

"I wanted to thank you for the reading you did on how I can better help my son. In retrospect, the timing was amazing: it came at the very time I needed to hear how critical it is for me to be as patient as possible with him and to have more fun. We started planning fun time and really enjoying chatting and spending time together. Shortly thereafter, my brother passed away.

My intentionality around patience helped me through the situation and helped me guide my son more productively through the grief process. The spring break ended up being a wonderful time together. Your reading was dead-on and exactly the guidance I needed to hear and has really helped our relationship. There is more peace around it and it’s so much better."
Eternally grateful,

Ann R.  Washington, DC

Laura's reading was spot on and she articulated what my current situation and solutions through the cards beautifully. I would highlight recommend her. Such a blessing to have a reading from her. Thank you, Laura!"

Lani, Australia