What You Can Expect from a Heart-Centered, 

Intuitive, Confidential Reading









For all readings, I first request your full birth name and date of birth and, if possible, a digital photo of yourself so I can tune into your essence. 

A live, intuitive tarot reading is a dialog. I will ask you questions during a consultation and encourage you to be actively involved in the reading.Together we craft a specific, open-ended question to elicit the most useful insights/guidance.

For audio readings, I offer an opportunity to communicate before and after the reading to provide clarity and support.

I am candid and empathetic in what my intuition guides me to share with you. I will not give you false hopes or empty promises to give you the answer you want. I will, however, provide constructive, gentle advice and suggest practical action steps to move you toward your goal.

I will not judge or condemn your choices, unless I see clearly that you are potentially harming yourself or someone else.   


Only you have the ultimate power to decide what to do to make a positive change in your life.   I simply offer you suggestions and ideas on how you can make that process easier and more effective.

I meditate and use numerology and tarot cards to tap into my intuition and work with you to help you gain a new perspective on a particular issue/challenge and to confirm or bring to light and help release any blockages you may have. I can also help you uncover and harness talents and gifts you may have overlooked.

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