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Can I ask any type of question?

I can answer questions on most topics brought to me.


Intuitive tarot guidance works best with specific, open-ended questions on the area of your concern. I will, however,

answer yes/no questions as long as you recognize that nothing is final.

There ARE certain questions I will not answer:

  • I do not (cannot) predict the multi-million dollar winning lotto numbers (!).

  • I do not believe in or invoke or remove spells or curses.

  • I will not predict the date of anyone’s death.

  • I cannot and do not give specific financial, legal, medical, or any other advice for which I am not trained.

Can you predict my future?  Can you tell me if I will be rich or successful in my career?

For me, the major benefit of a tarot reading is to help you gain a clearer, more objective perspective on an area of your life so you can identify what has been hindering you and what you can do to optimize your strengths and hidden talents to move forward. Your future is malleable.  Based on the particular tarot cards selected in a reading, I can see if you appear to be on or off track in an area of your life.  If you are off track, I can suggest inspired action steps to get you back on track.

What if I receive a "bad" or negative reading?!!

No readings are "ultimately" or innately bad or hopeless. A tarot reading offers you a snapshot of what is going on in your life in this moment and suggests potential outcomes if you stay with your current energy and beliefs. If you do not "like" what the cards show, YOU have the power to change your trajectory.

What if I get the "Death" card?  Does it mean I or someone close to me is going to die? 

The images on the "Death" card can indeed seem foreboding and frightening.  However, in most readings, the Death card points to an ending in some area of your life and not physical death.  How a card is interpreted varies according to the specific question you ask and its position within a spread. Every card can have a positive or negative interpretation. For example, at times the Death card can have a positive interpretation such as pointing to the welcome ending of a crisis or difficult situation. The same holds true for other Tarot cards that appear calamitous.

Can you tell me in a reading when I am finally going to get married? Or when I will make a lot of money or get a particular job?

In my opinion, the Tarot does not lend itself  too well to "timing" questions nor is it necessarily useful to offer you a specific date.  For example, if I told you that I thought you'd meet your soul mate in 6 months or be hired in 3 months for a job you'd love you might sit back and be passive. I prefer to focus on how I can empower you by offering a new perspective and insights. I often suggest the energy, mindset, and feelings you need to embrace and/or release so you can take inspired actions that are more likely to manifest the relationship or a job you seek. Where you are in consciousness significantly affects how soon you may manifest a particular goal.

Can the Tarot help identify a health problem?

I and other Tarot readers are  strictly unqualified to provide any type of medical diagnosis  or medical advice. However, a Tarot reading can provide you with guidance on how to make lifestyle changes to improve or maximize your health. A Tarot reading may identify areas of concern that you should address with your physician or licensed medical/health specialist.