Tarot  Services


Tarot Services

Choose from a menu of services and gain the clarity, confidence, and creativity you need to navigate a particular issue or situation and your life with greater ease, joy, and flow.

Important:  At this time, I provide tarot guidance primarily by audio recordings. I offer a limited number of live readings via FaceTime or telephone (the telephone offers the fewest distractions).


All readings will provide you with the same elements -- you will receive an MP3 audio recording of the reading, a photograph of your tarot spread, 2-3 suggested action steps, an inspirational quotation or affirmation from an Oracle reading, and a recommended selection of music to heal and/or inspire you.  However, the longer the reading is, the more in-depth guidance and insights you will receive.

After you invest in a reading and receive your confirmation email, I will ask you to provide your complete name as listed on your birth certificate, the day-month-year of your birth, and, ideally, a digital photo of yourself. This information and a photo will enable me to tune into your essence and energy and offer you more precise and personalized guidance.

An intuitive tarot reading can help you direct and create your desired future by identifying what is working for you, what is not, and by suggesting practical action steps/shifts to take in an area where you feel blocked or stuck, uncertain, frustrated, or afraid.

An intuitive tarot reading can help you live from your heart as well as your head.

I specialize in questions and issues such as:

* How to break out of a rut - in your career/finances/lifestyle-well-being

* How to cultivate your creativity/tap into a passion/awaken your "muse"/inner genie

* How to unleash your personal power/gifts/talents

* How to transcend your weaknesses - negativity/doubts/fears

* How to trust your inner authority - intuition

* How to make a decision with confidence

* How to enhance the spiritual side of your life

* What you need to know and do to resolve a conflict or overcome an impasse

Your Tarot  Personality, Soul, and Current Year Cards -  Audio Reading (15 Minutes) -$35

An excellent choice to test the Tarot waters!  You provide your complete name as listed on your birth certificate and your birth date (month, day, year) and learn your which Major Arcana tarot card(s) corresponds to your key personality and soul purpose traits and the energy you were born to express in your life. You will also learn the key energy you are to work with in the current year and you will receive a recommended piece of music to work with for seven days to "reveal and heal" any current challenges and to inspire you to move forward. 

Tarot Readings on Your Specific Questions Related to Career, Business, Finance, Healthful Lifestyle, and Relationships

15-Minute Audio or Live Tarot Reading  (1 question)- $35

30-Minute Audio or Live Tarot Reading  (1 question)- $65

30-Minute Audio or Live Birthday Reading - $65

45-Minute Audio or Live Tarot Reading on Two or More Key Questions -  $85

60-Minute Audio or Live Tarot Reading on Two or More Key Questions - $100


30-Minute Audio or Live  Tarot Reading When You Need to Choose Between Two Options - $65

Sometimes you feel torn between two equally compelling options and have exhausted making your lists of pros and cons for each choice. This reading offers you additional intuitive insights to allow you to make a decision with confidence and no second guessing or looking back.

60-Minute Audio or Live Birthday Reading - $110

Become more empowered in your new birth year!  Tune into the ideal theme and focus for your upcoming personal year, identify what you need to embrace and what you need to release in reaching your goals,  assess your current material, emotional, and spiritual states as well as gain insights into the ideal action steps you need to take to achieve your goals and dreams.