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Experience with Intuition and the Tarot

As a quiet, introverted child, I learned to “observe,” not just “see,”  to “listen,” not just “hear” – intuitive traits that detective Sherlock Holmes, one of my favorite fictional characters, said were vital for cracking his seemingly intractable cases.


Laura - 8 years of age

Laura Venecia Rodriguez

I have always felt that there was much more to life than what we experience with our five senses. And, my heart resonates with what the fox said in Antoine St. Exupery’s delightful French tale, Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince). Loosely translated from the original French, “We can see well only with the heart (i.e., our intuition). The essence of life is invisible to our physical eyes.”  So true!

Fascinated by the facets of life that we can’t explain scientifically or logically, as a child I reveled in reading ghost stories and learning about psychic phenomena. This interest continued as an adult. Also, I became aware of my ability to often intuitively sense the silent dynamics of interpersonal situations.

I first began working with tarot cards in the late 1980s after encountering them at a  Unity church workshop. The imagery of the classic Rider Waite deck, which like William Shakespeare's plays depict the full gamut of the human experience, piqued my curiosity.

I was amazed by the uncanny way in which I could ask a question about a particular challenge and select a card that mirrored the situation while adding clarity and insights. I learned that the tarot could offer a fresh, and deeper perspective on an issue and suggest effective, inspired action steps to move forward.

Enthused, I enrolled in my first tarot and in the years that followed, I read the tarot for myself and friends. Eventually, I took professional training as an career intuitive mentor and as a certified tarot reader.

By using the tarot as a practical, intuitive tool for guidance and direction (especially for issues related to career, talents, personal passions, and a healthful lifestyle), I help clients understand the overlooked or hidden dynamics of a life challenge and enable them to move forward with clarity, confidence, and creativity.  I read the tarot intuitively, incorporate insights from numerology, offer several inspired action steps, and recommend a selection of music (music is so healing and energizing!) to  motivate clients to put those steps into place. 

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